Stylin’ 700 (Presented by Ennio Styles)

Melbourne’s Ennio Styles is a true master at discovering amazingly talented artists from all around the world. For the past 14 years he’s been giving these artists airtime on Melbourne’s 3RRR-FM and he’s just clocked up 700 shows! So to celebrate, he’s put out another compilation filled with great music from a bunch of artists from all over the globe.

Stylin’ 700 follows the previously released Stylin’ 500 and 600 compilations that were also packed with amazing music. You’ll find a wide range of musical styles on the album but it’s all good music. You can grab a copy right now from Bandcamp for free but feel free to support and throw a few dollars in that box at the checkout – it’s definitely worth it.

N’gaho Ta’quia – I Ain’t Your…

Cy Gorman – Carmen

We’d like to introduce you to Cy Gorman, another talented musician to add to the ever growing list of talent coming out of Melbourne. The producer, pianist, saxophonist and vocalist is about to release Carmen, a new album through fellow Melbournian Ennio Styles’ label Heard and Felt.

With a mix of experimental jazz, 8-bit beats and latin influenced tracks, it’s hard to pigeonhole Carmen into one genre of music. Two tracks I’m really feeling off the album are Cool Change, a synth-heavy feel good tune that reminds me a little of 70’s Brazilian jazz funk band Azymuth, and Daniel Crawford’s outstanding remix of RDJ. Check both tunes below and pre-order your copy from Bandcamp before the April 13 release.

Cy Gorman – Cool Change

Cy Gorman – RDJ (Daniel Crawford Remix)

Ennio Styles – Stylin’ 600

Tomorrow Melbourne DJ Ennio Styles will be presenting the 600th episode of Stylin’ on 3RRR-FM and to celebrate he’s releasing a compilation of 30 songs from artists all over the world covering a range of genres. A lot of these artists are new to us but there’s some really nice stuff on here so make sure you pick up a free copy from Bandcamp when it becomes available tomorrow.

Kevin Hayden Trio – Dilla Esq
Kevin Hayden Trio – Dilla Esq

Kirkis – Willywonka
Kirkis – Willywonka