• Apollo Brown – Cigarette Burns EP

    Apollo Brown – Cigarette Burns EP

    When Apollo Brown released his last instrumental album, Clouds, we kept it in heavy rotation for quite some time. Now, just over three years on, he's getting set to release a new instrumental project titled Thirty Eight and has decided to give away this three track preview which he's named...
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  • IAMNOBODI – Try Me Feat. Ego Ella May

    IAMNOBODI – Try Me Feat. Ego Ella May

    IAMNOBODI's latest release Snapshots from Berlin has been slightly delayed by the manufacturing process of the vinyl release so the good folks at Jakarta Records are giving away this little gem Try Me featuring talented young singer Ego Ella May as a free download....
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  • Oakley Grenell – Happenin’ Feat. Stauny Pops & JDouble

    Oakley Grenell – Happenin’ Feat. Stauny Pops & JDouble

    Today we'd like to introduce you to our good buddy Oakley Grenell, a producer and guitarist from New Zealand. This new feel-good joint titled Happenin' features fellow Kiwis Stauny Pops and JDouble with Roslen Ulaula contributing some nice vocals too. The song is the first single off his forthcoming album...
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  • Slakah the Beatchild – Soul Movement 2

    Slakah the Beatchild – Soul Movement 2

    Now this is something to get excited about. Slakah the Beatchild has unleashed Soul Movement 2 - the sequel to his highly acclaimed debut. And to be honest, it's been a while since I've been this impressed with an album. Much like his first release, Soul Movement 2 is a...
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  • Tokyo Dawn – The Boogie Vol. 4

    Tokyo Dawn – The Boogie Vol. 4

    Tokyo Dawn are constantly putting out great compilations and one of our favourite compilation series of theirs is The Boogie. Volume 4 in the series features contributions from Positive Flow, Omar, Reggie B, Amalia, Portformat, Opolopo, Fat Freddy's Drop and more. There's a selection of previous releases along...
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  • Tiny Hearts – Snow Cold [Video]

    One of the more exciting groups to emerge last year for us was Tiny Hearts made up of Waajeed, Dede Reynolds and Tim K. If you haven't heard their Stay EP yet, we suggest you check it out. Today we've got the video for our favourite song off the...
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  • Columbia Nights – Heart Aglow

    Columbia Nights – Heart Aglow

    I always take notice when Columbia Nights release new music, simply because it's always quality. This new track from the Washington D.C based production crew was inspired by a little known British band from the 80s called I-Level. The guys were nice enough to give it away for free too...
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  • BamaLoveSoul.com Presents On Deck 2

    BamaLoveSoul.com Presents On Deck 2

    DJ Rahdu from BamaLoveSoul has been busy putting together volume 2 of On Deck, a compilation of up-and-coming artists handpicked by Rahdu. He's done a good job of putting this one together too. The quality of music is good throughout the album but I particularly liked this song...
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  • Kan Sano –

    Kan Sano –

    One of our favourite Japanese musicians, Kan Sano is releasing his new album tomorrow through Origami Productions. On this latest album, he's moved away from the electronic sound of his past releases in favour of a more organic sound with more of a focus on live instrumentation....
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  • Giant Step – Sonic Boom Vol. 4

    Giant Step – Sonic Boom Vol. 4

    Giant Step continues their Sonic Boom compilation series with the release of volume 4 featuring a host of quality artists. I can't say that I loved everything on this release but there are a couple of gems that are definitely worth checking out. You can stream the whole...
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