The Foreign Exchange – Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey

It’s hard to believe it’s been over ten years since The Foreign Exchange released their debut album Connected – an album that was loved by so many simply because it was just so fresh. Nicolay’s beats were like no other producer’s and Phonte was one of the best MC’s around.

If you’ve followed the group over the years, you’d know that their sound has changed quite a bit since their first album and it has continued to change with their latest release Tales from the Land of Milk and Honey. This may be partly due to the fact that the make up of the group has also changed with the addition of Zo!, Carmen Rodgers and Tamisha Waden. The change is nothing too dramatic though, the Foreign Exchange electro-soul sound is still there with a little funk thrown in to give the album a fun vibe throughout.

For me, the album is nothing mind blowing but perhaps that has something to do with the curse that comes with releasing good music – expectations get a little high. I’m sure fans will enjoy the release. It’s available now from the FE store or on iTunes if you prefer.

The Foreign Exchange – Milk And Honey

Nicolay – City Lights Vol. 3: Soweto

Earlier in the week Nicolay released the third volume of his City Lights series, this one a tribute to Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa. We already gave you the details when we posted the first single The Brightest Star a couple of weeks back. What we didn’t realise then was that the bulk of the songs on the album are dance tunes, giving City Lights Vol. 3 a similar energy provided by some of the more uptempo songs from the Foreign Exchange’s latest album Love in Flying Colors. The album isn’t my favourite from his growing collection of releases but there are still some nice tracks on here that make it worth checking out. Head to iTunes for the purchase.

Nicolay – Sawubona

Nicolay – The Brightest Star/Afterglow

It’s always a good thing when Nicolay releases new music and he’s about to release a whole new album of it. City Lights Vol. 3: Soweto is an ode to the South African township and it’s neighbouring city of Johannesburg and is dropping on June 9.

The first single The Brightest Star which features vocals from Carmen Rodgers and Phonte, is an energetic jam that will have you immediately reaching for your dancing shoes. The B-Side, Afterglow is a non-album bonus single and is a more mellow affair but also well worth a listen. This one also features Phonte as well as vocals from Tamisha Waden and Tim Smith on flute. Both songs are available on iTunes now.

Nicolay – The Brightest Star

The Foreign Exchange – Love In Flying Colors

Earlier in the week The Foreign Exchange dropped their fourth album, Love in Flying Colors. The album has a slightly different sound to any of their previous releases but there’s nothing too surprising either. We liked a few songs on here, and others not so much but overall it’s a well produced album and worth a listen. It’s available now on iTunes.

The Foreign Exchange – Better feat. Shana Tucker & Eric Roberson
The Foreign Exchange – Better

Zo! – ManMade

I first heard Zo! way back when he released Passion and Definition – a very chilled out instrumental album. Fast forward about eight years to now and the release of his new album ManMade and Zo!’s growth as an artist over the years becomes very apparent. This is his most accomplished release yet – a polished modern soul album boosted by vocal contributions from the likes of Phonte, Carlitta Durand, Sy Smith, Eric Roberson, Jeanne Jolly, Anthony David and Choklate. Get the album now through The Foreign Exchange Music.

Zo! – Making Time feat. Phonte & Choklate
Zo! – Making Time feat. Phonte & Choklate

+FE Music: The Reworks

I’m usually a little apprehensive about remix albums but this new release from The Foreign Exchange Music isn’t your average remix album. There are 21 tracks on here from the whole FE fam remixed by the likes of Nicolay, Zo!, The Randy Watson Experience (?uestlove & James Poyser), Focus…, Tall Black Guy, Ahmed Sirour and more. Needless to say there are some seriously good remixes here. And if you still need convincing that this is worth checking out, there are three new studio tracks thrown in too. Get some of this goodness from the FE Music site now.

The Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me feat. Darien Brockington & Median (Pure P’s Sky Hygh Remix)
The Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me feat. Darien Brockington & Median (Pure P’s Sky Hygh Remix)

The Foreign Exchange – All The Kisses feat. Paris & Amber Strother of KING (Ahmed Sirour Remix)
The Foreign Exchange – All The Kisses feat. Paris & Amber Strother of KING (Ahmed Sirour Remix)

The Foreign Exchange – The Last Fall (Video)

Directors Matt Koza and Bruce Pinchbeck have gone to a dark, dark place with Nicolay and Phonte’s track The Last Fall from Authenticity. I don’t think many people saw this in their mind’s eye when they first heard this break-up track, I sure as hell didn’t. Check it out below.

Zo! – Just Visiting Too

Producer, multi-instrumentalist and The Foreign Exchange collaborator and band member Zo! has just released a new EP. Just Visiting Too is a seven track EP of covers featuring vocals from the whole Foreign Exchange family. And best of all,