Teeko – Love Like This

Today we have something new from Teeko, one of our favourite musicians out of San Francisco. This song came from a live Mugpush jam session recording at Windy Hill studios. The improvised vocal track by Devaun Bantu was given to Teeko as he expressed that he had an idea for it. He then imported the vocals to his turntable where he started to chop up all the vocal parts he liked from various sections of the jam, placing them as he felt the song start to arrange itself. Later he brought in the lush vocals of Sonya Distel.

Teeko is sharing this as a free download at the newly launched Explore.fm, a new site where verified artists can upload music to share with the world all for free and as a fan, you can choose to support artists directly. There isn’t a ton of music on the site yet but there’s definitely some quality stuff and from what I’ve seen it looks like a much better alternative to the likes of Spotify who are notorious for paying artists next-to-nothing.

Teeko – Love Like This feat. Devaun Bantu & Sonya Distel

Mugpush – Gointuff

San Francisco funk collective Mugpush unleashed some more tasty funk on the world a few weeks back and for some reason I forgot to post it at the time. Better late than never though so today we present to you Gointuff, a sampler compilation featuring 11 tracks from its members’ upcoming releases with a few extra remixes from the collective’s debut album All U.S… Check out the Teeko produced Goes the Clock featuring the vocals of Mikki Boyd below and you can stream and download all the tracks on Soundcloud.

Mikki Boyd – Goes The Clock
Mikki Boyd – Goes The Clock

Mugpush – All U.S…

Mugpush is a Bay Area live band founded by bassist/guitarist Bill “Billy Bones” Ham and features Teeko on keys and Gyrefunk on guitar while Coultrain and Mikki Boyd hold down the vocal duties. They just released an album last month which you can get here. Check out the title single All U.S… below and get a free download of it here thanks to FRSH SLCTS!

[audio:http://supersuperbmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/All-U.S…-1.mp3|titles=Mugpush – All U.S… ]